What is a EverWebinar (Online Seminar) and its Benefits


What is a everwebinar? The origins of the development of online technology that is happening right now provide Webinar technology finally appears. The development of technology is currently developing rapidly and really helps doing the tasks of business activities, work quickly. You can just imagine, at this time we have a smartphone that has internet access to interact each others.


What is a Webinar?

Developments continue to occur and finally there is a very large need, namely meeting online. How to overcome this? With a webinar, you can have these meetings even if you are in a remote location.

The webinar is online interaction each other and can be likened to a meeting (face) online meeting delivered via online. Through this webinar, you can communicate other people, through video or chat online.

This webinar is done with a software or Webinar service. So each of you who wants to join the Webinar, you must register first (FREE).

What you need to prepare to join the webinar

Here is you need to prepare:

I recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers

Active Speaker or Headset, if you are using a Laptop, there must be a speaker built in with your laptop, make sure that the speaker is on (on). Or alternatively, you can use a headset to listen to webinars


4 Things to Look For in Following (joining) Webinars

There are 4 things you need to pay attention to following the Webinar: You must register (register) the Webinar that you want to join. Enter your Name and Email to register an ongoing Webinar

After successfully registering, you need to take down the Webinar Link. This link will be used as an entry point during the Webinar. Usually you will get a confirmation email also in your Email Inbox. This email contain a Webinar Link

Note the date and time, make sure you make a reminder on your smart phone so you don’t forget 🙂

Make sure you are online at the date and time of the Webinar, by clicking the Webinar Link that has been given to you via Email (Point Number 2)

Your Benefits and Strengths Following the Webinar

What are the benefits and advantages that you get when you take part in a webinar compared to attending a face-to-face seminar in general?

Cost effective. You do not need to leave the house, while following this Webinar. You do not need to go out for the transportation fee, right? 🙂

It is very flexible. You can follow this webinar wherever you are, most importantly you have a stable internet connection

You can interact with many people even if you don’t meet in person. Only face to face in cyberspace. You can learn directly from Webinars from Experts and can play back Webinar content. Internet marketers, bloggers, developers, entrepreneurs, small-scale business owners usually use web conferencing applications in various forms, plugins, software, and mobile applications, to be able to connect consumers and teams who are not located in the same place. Web conferencing applications or also referred to as web-conferences or webinars are useful media to be able to reach and communicate with consumers, teams and business partners without any barriers to distance. Webinars are used by various sectors for diverse purposes such as education, entertainment and business. There are various choices of webinar software ranging from free to paid. If you are an individual or small-scale business owner who wants to reduce operational expenses, here is a list of webinar software that has been used by many people. You can also try it one by one to find which webinar software is suitable for your usage needs.

Why you should use ever webinar?

It is one of the most popular webinar software used. You only need to register for a free account so you can start your webinar. Integration with Skype and the fast screen sharing feature make this software a reliable web-conference service. Integrated data analysis can optimize your webinar sessions in real-time.

Despite offering various web-conference features, ever webinar still provides free choices for users. You can try the ever webinar service for free for 14 days. This service supports screen and application sharing and messaging, VoIP and polling features. Apart from that, you can choose to record your session. The social media integration also makes it easy for you to share recorded sessions on various platforms.

This one service is available in the form of the Google Chrome browser plugin. Ever webinar has a variety of features and a clear and clear streaming display. Audiences can join sessions in real-time and also use sharing features such as display screens and applications easily. Ever webinar is also included as an easy-to-use web-conference and webinar service with a user-friendly appearance.

Ever webinar was created specifically for the interests of the education sector. This free, open source software is the result of online collaboration. The community of developers actively develops this webinar software with useful new features. You can also enjoy screen sharing, voice / video calls, and whiteboard features in one web-conference session. In addition, Ever webinar has a hierarchy so that the moderator at the top can manage the audience.

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