Specificational Review for ABB Micro Drives; Types of The Product and Other Beneficial Information

On the new era of technology, there are a brand new idea where the users are need kind of better device, tools also other technological product to belongs with what they needed. Each of the product of course has can be installed and apply for any field that can suitable with kind of requierement user wanting for.

ABB Micro Drives
ABB Micro Drives

Belongs with those idea, the industrial users also need to belongs with several aspect of increased they capabilities and other standard. Grant an effectivities in term of application but at the same time could also handle some kind of specific applicational process are something which really a requirement aspect of device the industries looking for.

There are many types of the product. Here in this article we would go further more with kind review with kind of products made by the ABB manufacture.

ABB Micro Drives Types of The Product, Many Choice Belongs to Main Idea of  Smallest Motor Application

ABB Micro Drives
ABB Micro Drives

ABB Micro Drives has prepared as the smallest motors applications which users can used for the daily dependability. There are much of variety of the product, each are type with specific characters to belongs with kind of right requirement. Here are some of the product which users can choose depend on what they nefeded.

  • ACS55

Some user are need kind of compact simplicity for such of applications, just like, automatic gate, solar, tracker, treadmills, or whirpools bahs. With several specifications such as; 0.18…2.2 kW/ 0.25…3 Hp power range, IP20 enclosure, scalar control, this are kind of device which users could set up through parameter settings switches or PC software.

  • ACS150

This model has comes with kind of three phase or single supples. There many embeded standard functions, such as built in brake chopper, PID control, or EMC filter, depend on what it was sad on release, an optional FlashDrop drives has also present. It was drive configuration tool which makes configuring unpowered drives become quick and easy. There are such of standard capabilities such as; IP20 enclosure, 0.5…5 Hp/0.37…4Kw power range, with EMC filter for 2nd environment.

  • ACS255

It was kind of IP66 model which offered the versatility from an expanded voltage, also the protection even at the harsh environment applications. Depend on that capabilities aspect, there are several intention where users could grant more idea of applications such as, food and beverage appliations like mixers, conveyors, augers, and others, where the drives could exposes against moisture dust and chemicals. It was also ready with IP20 standard enclosure which facilitates panel mounted motor starters.

It was the time where industries are asking for the better ideas in term of suitable applications. ABB motor drives has prepared and ready for the small motors applications. It offers, the efficiency, convinient, global service and expertise, everything for what user needed.


ABB micro drives are kind of motors control, and integrational drives which offered create and design to belongs with any application depend on what user needed. There are main beneficial act which offered for users, it can brings much benefts for small motors model.


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