Should I run the ceiling fan and air conditioner together?


Hot weather often makes us lazy out and prefer to stay at home while installing air conditioning (AC). The bedroom window was rarely even opened because the AC kept on all day. And because we always use air conditioning, we also forget the fan. Many people prefer to use AC instead of a ceiling fan. Because, if you use a ceiling fan, wake up your stomach often becomes bloated or headaches. Fans have proven to be better and healthier than using air conditioners.

Why is that? Here is the reason:

  1. Improve Air Circulation

Fans, whether they are placed on walls, ceilings, tables or floors, cause a cold wind effect that makes us more comfortable in the house. In the morning or afternoon, open the room window and leave the fan on for several hours. The fan does not cool the air, but only moves dirty air inside the room to the outside, replacing it with clean air from outside.

  1. Healthier

The fan does not function as a cooler, it only causes the effect of cold wind. But on the contrary, AC does not have the function of air circulation. Because the room is completely closed, the air in the room will rotate in the area throughout the day. When inhaling, we will inhale O2 and will release CO2 when exhaling. That means, when we sleep with our siblings, we will also breathe in the CO2 released by them. It’s not like we can’t use AC at all. However, we can reduce the use of this air conditioner. To avoid flatulence or colds, don’t direct the wind directly to your body when you install the fan. It’s easy, right?

  1. More Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Fans make hot rooms feel cooler than they should. A ceiling fan, for example, consumes only around 75 watts (equivalent to a light bulb) and only 1/10 of the power generated by an air conditioner. The fan does not make the air feel stuffy and moist as happens when using air conditioners. Don’t forget to turn off the fan when we don’t use it.

Do you know? AC emits carbon emissions, lo. These carbon emissions can increase global warming. That’s because most conditioners use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gas. This gas is one of the dangerous gases for the Earth’s ozone layer. The electric power to turn on the AC is greater than the fan. Therefore, it is wise to use AC. For example, use the air conditioner at a temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, less electricity is needed, friends. Then, use a timer or timer when turning on the air conditioner at night, yes. Set the AC to turn off automatically before dawn. What about sleeping while turning on the fan? Sleeping with the fan on is also not good.

Set the AC to turn off automatically before dawn. What about sleeping while turning on the fan? Sleeping with the fan on is also not good. Sleeping with it can cause us to become dehydrated. Therefore, use a fan when you want to dissipate hot air. If the air is hot at night, you should point the fan at the wall. That is not directly at your body.

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