Jasa Penulis Artikel SEO Profesional

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

I am  Indonesian professional marketer, SEO, and content writer (www.whscorpora.co.id) certified by BNSP in Digital Marketing (Badan Nasional Standarisasi Profesi). As information, one of our specific skill is in creating business and financial articles/review, travel, engineering and others type of articles. I have many years experience in creating good business content articles. Several my portfolios are:

English Content:

  • http://www.program-plc.blogspot.com, 2015-sekarang
  • IT Start Up Project Indonesia- Japanese Business Plan from Shiho Honda, 2014
  • Writers needed for writing Ebooks hired by Parham Jazaee, Founder and CEO Prince Publishing Partnership for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, 2013
  • Research Assistant for opening gym and fitness business in Indonesia, Hired by Philippa Gebbie, 2012
  • Looking for Indonesia social media marketing person Mike Wilson, 2011
  • Jasmin Hagn (San Fransisco) – Market Research for Indonesia Economic Growth, 2011
  • SEO for indonesian bahasa sites, elance.com by terence t. (doktersingapura.com), 2010
  • Contract with Indonesian Journalist Article Writer for Online Media – iMoney.my, 2015-2016
    Hired by Jason Kon
  • Contract with www.cekindo.com hired by Michal in elance.com ((finance/business review)
  • Writing blog posts about the manufacturing sector of some Asian countries hired by Renaud Anjoran (finance/business review)
  • Asians (Indonesian) needed to write about their hometowns/cities/travel ((travel experience in Indonesia)
  • Control System PLC SCADA implementation hired by Robert

Skype/mail: whsiswanto@gmail.com
HP/WA: 081392261062


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