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Finding the right keywords to draw high quality customer traffic to your website is a cornerstone of building a successful business online. Even the best, most attractive and functional business websites do little good if customers are not visiting them. Developing a marketing strategy built around SEO keywords to draw potential customers in and build a steady stream of traffic should be the goal of every online business owner.

It all starts with research, finding out which SEO keywords and key phrases work the best in attracting the type of customer that is most interested in your product or service. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple system you can use to help you find the right types of keywords and key phrases to use.

Start by going to a popular search engine such as Google or Bing and type in a query about the product or service you want to promote. In this example, let’s use a fictional product known as “widgets”. Obviously, you should do more than just type in the SEO keyword “widgets”. You should type in your query as if you were really interested in either purchasing the product or finding out more information. So a query such as “What are Widgets?” or “I want to buy Widgets” will generate results more in line with people who are actively seeking the product.

After typing in the SEO keywords, you’ll want to count the number of search page results. They can vary from a few to hundreds depending on the popularity of the product or service. The second step is to see just how many entries have the SEO keywords or key phrases are in the body of the pages. For example, if you get twenty results per page, you might see five or six with “what are widgets” located in the text or title of the entries.

Now you’ll want to take the top ten or highest ranking ten URLs from the search result page to do some more analysis. This is important because the highest ranking means that they are the most seen by those searching for the product or service. Next, count the number of links for each of the pages you selected, there may be a few or quite a few. Once you’ve tallied them up, the next step is using a couple of web based tools.

The Alexa Traffic Rank will show how popular each of the top 10 pages you cited in the queries. The Google Traffic Estimator will show important information such as the number of clicks per day, the cost per day, and the average price for using the same SEO keywords or key phrases if you use Google AdWords.

Finally, use the Google PageRank on each of the pages and see just how they rank and how popular they are. Plus, perhaps you can find a better deal and get more value for your money by choosing less expensive, but still effective SEO keywords or key phrases.

Programs such as Marketing Samurai or WebCEO can be of help in creating an effective marketing strategy based on using the best SEO keywords or key phrases. But finding the right SEO keywords can make the biggest difference in generating the right traffic flow for your online business.


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