ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design to minimize total cost of ownership

ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design is the field of control / instrumentation in the industrial world which has a very significant role, especially in processes that require precision, reliability and system security. Industrial instrumentation has become a field that provides enormous benefits especially in industrial automation activities.

ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design to minimize total cost of ownership
ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design to minimize total cost of ownership

Instrumentation System is a system that includes setting variables such as temperature (temperature), pressure (pressure), flow (flow) and speed (speed) for several countries.This product also practiced in nuclear and conventional power industries to get reliable fieldbus solution to revive control system, for example in the CENTUM CS 3000 replaces legacy system at Paris’s largest waste to energy plant project.. These variables are outputs that must be maintained in accordance with the wishes that have been set in advance by the operator called set point.

The instrumentation may also be intended for devices to measure or control one variable, either remote or automated, for example: Valve, Analyzer, Smoke Detector, solenoids, regulators, circuit breakers, and relays. Yokogawa safety instrumented system product  is widely implemented because has been know for its experienced safety and control system.

ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design
ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system design

In addition to control, Instrumentation often involves signal processing and transmission of signals or data. Delivery and control can use PLC System, DCS, SCADA, or Computer Based instrumentation. Control in Instrumentation plays a role in information gathering, data / information / parameter changes.  For each of this practise in industrial implementation, ProSafe-SLS has integrated with Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP process control system to covers all requirements in process industries.

ProSafe-SLS modular design for Safety instrumented system to covers all requirements in process industries.

In modern instrumentation systems mostly based on digital techniques, it consists of: digital systems, computers, microprocessors and ICs (Integrated Circuit), more or less the same in every application.

The instrumentation system can be divided into several main parts, namely: Sensing, control instrument, interface device, output and input facility, communication device, main equipment of information processing and human-machine interface application.

What are the advantages of using digital in instrumentation system? Clear with the digital system will increase the sensitivity, system flexibility, ease of information transmission, and much more.

ProSafe-SLS  is compatible with solid-state elements  for better safety instrumented system. It is enable to execute many kinds of Safety tasks such Non-Safety-Critical functions. For complex implementation, this function can be also supported with a Human Machine Interface and Process Control System. This process will run based on Sequence of Event Recording and SCADA system.

The sophisticated and modular design is key success to reach superior safety instrumented system performance.  ProSafe-SLS  have created the safety instrumented system reference standard. In this application, this product is better to be implemented because has been supported by the elimination of software for an operating system. This software as long as to be known has good radical safety achievement for self-diagnostics and test technology is employed.

Yokogawa ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system
Yokogawa ProSafe-SLS safety instrumented system

ProSafe-SLS modular design System Structure used to build a system solution

ProSafe-SLS has 8-channel digital input module and is designed using the following factors for consideration:

User requirements and specifications,
Functional design specifications,
Complete system design and structure,
Test specification (code on integrated test),
Warranty and other support on training,
Health and safety.

The instrumentation system is inline with modular approach systems and used to build a system solution. ProSafe-SLS has 8-channel digital input are a grouped in various categories such as below:

Input and Output modules

Logic & Timer modules supported by Power & Clock modules

Auxiliary and Communication & Interface modules

Interconnection wiring for better communication,

Actually programs implemented for application into the system.

All of modules as above supported instead, a unique inherent self, employs to process the functional logic and related parts of the ProSafe-SLS system.

What should you seek for?

Safety instrumented system ProSafe-SLS  has modular design and can be integrated with others devices  for building all kinds of applications. Application of Instrumentation consists of two points of activity, which measure and regulate a quantity. Several industries run this control system starting from small HIPS systems to large ESD and F&G systems. It can be done also while maintaining industrial process  to get the fastest possible response time. The advantage to start with this mode is easy  to follow any process demand.

Instrumentation is the art and science in the application of measuring instruments and control systems on an object for the purpose of knowing the numerical price of a variable of the process quantity and also to control the quantity of the process to be within the limits of a particular area or on the desired value of the set point.

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