MEETING INCENTIVE CONFERENCE EXHIBITION MICE is a term that may be rarely heard by ordinary people. However, for a businessman, this term is familiar. MICE is short for Meeting, Incentive (bonus), Convention (meeting), Exhibition (exhibition). From this stands alone, you might have guessed the purpose of this MICE. Yes, the main goal is to improve service to consumers in the service sector. Here is a complete explanation of MICE.

MICE is classified into the tourism industry. In Indonesian terms MICE is defined as convention tourism, with the following limitations: convention service businesses, incentive trips, and exhibitions that are giving businesses.

In MICE or convention tours are held for the desired trial activities or meetings and trade shows by associations, organizations or corporations, large companies mentioned above. As a tourism product, MICE requires deep professional management determine the location, season, time, day, date, month, size, type, theme, and so as to produce a successful conclusion.

The term MICE MEETING INCENTIVE CONFERENCE EXHIBITION was born as a specification of the concept of convention tourism which has emerged as a new phenomenon in the tourism industry sector. MICE grow and develop forward in the tourism business environment. That term actually it is no stranger to those who live in cities, because often we are hear or visit the exhibition. Apparently, it has become one form of tourism business in Indonesia, and academically has developed into a study program.

As a concept, the meaning of MICE must be explained, it is important so that in its implementation as a business element in the tourism industry sector it can be interpreted appropriately, but creative and flexible in achieving the goal. In the implementation of the elements in MICE is considered equally important in the context of tourism convention.

This has been recognized by people in Europe who are engaged in the sector MICE. They argue that conventions, incentive trips and exhibitions just as important. This is evidenced by the recent trend where the MICE sector is experiencing very rapid progress. All parties who are associated with the implementation in this field are very optimistic and feel confident that the MICE industry will be more advanced in the future.

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