Malta Citizenship through Investment

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program happens to be the first EU approved citizenship program.  The Republic of Malta is a place with a stable political climate and a bi-partisan political scene that is mostly convergent on issues of national and economic importance.   Malta has patiently gone througha financial crises and now shares the limelight with Germany, as the only two states maintaining an economic growth well in the Euro Zone. Malta’s banks have been able to reach the ranks amongst the top 5 soundest banks in the world.

Malta has been a proud member of the European Union since 2004 and is now a part of Schengen since 2007. Obtained under this program, Malta grants the rights of full citizenship for life to the individual and can be passed on to the future generations by descent.  The Maltese citizenship grants access to all investment opportunities in Malta and throughout the European Union open to Maltese and European Union citizens.


  • Efficient process:

It is a relatively easy and convenient process. The citizenship is approved after just 4 months of processing time. There arefast track residence cards available within 1-3 weeks, with the inclusion of Schengen mobility for 18 months and a total of 12 months to passport issue (inclusive of processing time) from date of initial residency.

  • Mobility:

There is a visa free travel to over 166 countries, including EU, USA and Canada. A freely given right to live, work, study in any of the 28 EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Malta is a neutral, safe and stable country with a friendly people living a European lifestyle but with a Mediterranean quality of life. This all sounds very interesting however the eligibility requirements need to be met before continuing with the procedure.

The current restrictions in place at the time are related to individuals that are nationals of the following countries, or have significant ties to:

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)


To qualify under the regulations provided, a Main Applicant for Malta Citizenship by Investment must be at least18 years of age and must meet the requirements outlined in this factsheet which includes passing the “Fit and Proper test”, is of good health and has a significant contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.

Applicants are also required to purchase or rent property with respect to certain amounts and have an investment in the form of Bonds or Shares.


On the acquisition of an address in Malta, the individual must file an application for a residence permit in person. Within the 4 months of the date of approval, the applicant must provide evidence of the investment requirement being fulfilled with a valid health insurance policy that covers all people on the application.

After all relevant requirements have been made, the certificate of naturalization will be issued 12 months after the date on the residence permit.

Good Luck!


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