THE KWATT COIN, TOKENIZED ELECTRICITY powered by 4New, The World’s First Eco-Friendly, Tangible, Blockchain Ecosystem

THE KWATT COIN, TOKENIZED ELECTRICITY powered by 4New offered world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, blockchain ecosystem. This can be run well powered by waste to energy power plants. As you know that recently Cryptocurrencies global market capitalization has surpassed $500 billion USD and can be tremendous big size business booming arund the world. But, practically it has faced difficulty of mining increases to reflect the influx of miners.

This model is also simply unsustainable and consume enough energy to be listed. This will make taking process of business run unefficiently which does not only damages the environment, but the economy is over energy consumption. This really waste power and energy At the current rate of consumption.

How can 4NEW offers SOLUTION for this issue?


THE KWATT COIN, TOKENIZED ELECTRICITY powered by 4New  run with quite simple concept inline with the blockchain based ecosystem. This system supported by energy produced by power plants, that as long as many years ago having concpet of renewable or non-renewable or Waste to Energy technologies. In this concept, it is applied to a digital asset for any users. For complex  application, the digital protocol or a smart contract is better for delivery to cryptocurrency mining farms then others application systems.

4NEW supports the digital asset or the smart contract to be get users easily. This would act as a measure of the amount of electrical consumption for many cases. One by one this digital assets enable to generate 1 unit of the respective underlying cryptocurrency mined. Are you sure about that? Yes, this really actual for getting the power plant performs as a master node whereby the entire electrical output.


What 4NEW offers to users?


4 New offering Highlights products namely KWATT Coin which embodies within it 1 Kilowatt Hour of electrical output. This output automatically was generated by the plant. For many cases Token Supply also can supply is 300 Million based on the annual output capacity to be more users. This will be projected plant sites with Two Operational Power Plants.

In the other specified products, 4 News supported by two operational power plants secured also offered Electric Output with Current electrical output capacity. This capacity spread up between two plants combined big power. As information this power started at launch is 10 megawatts per hour.




When user requests a transaction,  this order wil broadcast to P2P network consisting of computers. This validates of the transaction will run to update the user’s status. All of process run using known algorithms. For several times a verified transaction will proceed. This process can involve contracts, records, or other information.

Once process verified, next process is combined with other transactions to create a new block of data for the ledger. Not waiting time too long, the new block is then added to the existing blockchain.



THE KWATT COIN, TOKENIZED ELECTRICITY powered by 4New can be part of Revolutionize Industries around the world recently. This system offered a blockchain platform more easily to be mined because it will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions whereby production of energy. This system also can directly meet the consumption of energy globally that more saver for better life in the world. Finally 4 New will revolutionize the industries of Waste, Energy and Crypto-mining. This is really excellent of ushering a new era.


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