Investing in a four-star hotel worth Rp. 298 million in Kuta Beach

The main factor like Investing Hotel in Kuta Beach in buying a property lies in its location. This is because the location determines the selling price and future investment of a property. For example Investing Hotel in Kuta Beach which is an international tourist destination. In fact, Bali has a wide target market in terms of foreign and domestic tourist visits.

What kind of location should you choose if you want to invest in a four-star hotel on the Island of the Gods? Choose a location near the beach because four-star hotels that are located close to the beach have the characteristics of a high occupancy or occupancy rate. Not to mention the high room rate or hotel room rates per night.

Foreign and domestic tourists from 34 provinces in Indonesia will choose the location of the hotel where they stay close to the beach. Moreover, they can get a sea view, said Marketing Consultant of Grand Orange Kuta Beach Hotel.

Investing Hotel in Kuta Beach is increasingly promising

Bali is not only a paradise for tourists, but a paradise for hotel condo investors. This is because the income earned from the hotel rental business in Bali is increasingly promising.

If the hotel occupancy or occupancy rate is high, the hotel room rate is also high. In the end, the rental value is higher, the higher. “The rental value obtained, the faster the return on capital is made.

Kuta Beach area is a prestigious area because it is always busy for 24 hours and its location is very strategic, which is only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. In addition, the hotel occupancy rate in the Kuta Beach area is on average above 75% and the room price per night is around IDR 1 million per night. This is what makes the hotel rental business in the Kuta Beach area increasingly promising.

One Star Hotel Investment

The amount of investment required to build the One Star Hotel project with 60 rooms is estimated to be Rp. 30,167,733,062, – which is used to finance hotel buildings and infrastructure such as equipment and utilities, vehicles and for working capital needs. .

Sources of Financing

The total investment of Rp. 30,167,733,062, – will be financed by own capital of Rp. 10,585,079,406, – or 35%, while the 65% or Rp. 19,582,653,656, – ​​will be obtained from bank credit, consisting of credit. Investment is amounting to Rp. 16,857,011,157, – and working capital credit of Rp. 2,725,642,499, -.

The physical construction of a One Star Hotel until it is ready to operate is estimated to take 12 (twelve) months. During the project development period, the amount of investment credit disbursed by the bank was IDR 15,200,000,000. Assuming the calculated bank interest rate is 16.5% annually, the total loan interest during the construction period will be IDR 1,657,011,157.


To determine the financial feasibility of this One Star Hotel development, several performance analyzes were carried out through several analysis tools such as Return on Investment, Return on Equity, Internal Rate of Return, Break Event Point Analysis and Pay Back Period.

To be able to assess whether this investment in the hotel business is feasible and can generate the expected profit in the coming years, it is necessary to prove it by conducting financial analysis using ratios.

Investing Hotel in Kuta Beach is the number one location on the Island of the Gods

The Kuta Beach area is the number one location on the Island of the Gods. This area is a favorite surfing spot and is surrounded by culinary centers, cafes, and entertainment centers from night to morning. Not only that, this area which is also integrated with Jimbaran Beach is a place for tourists to enjoy the sunset.

After the success of the Puri Sunia Resort and Puri Sebatu Resort projects in the Ubud area, now it is Grand Orange Pandawa Beach Bali’s turn to be marketed. Grand Orange Kuta Beach Hotel is also the right choice for a four-star hotel investment.

The initial price is IDR 298 million with 48-month installments without interest. The location is close to Beach Walk Mall, Discovery Mall, Hard Rock Hotel, and Sheraton Hotel. Grand Orange Kuta Beach Hotel is marketed with very limited units, only 144 units. The thing that must be considered when we invest in a four-star hotel is the number of units.

If the units are limited, it can be ascertained when the hotel is operational, the occupancy rate will be high. If supply is limited and demand is high, the price will always increase in investment. Investing in a four-star hotel is different from investing in other types of property because there are operators who manage and rent the hotel.

Usually it is calculated from the room price multiplied by 365 days and then deducted by hotel operations and profit sharing to investors. The rental value for investment in four-star hotels is 3 times the value of rents for houses and shop houses.

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