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Saving powerpoint to PDF can be important for some people, so you need to know how to save ppt as pdf on mac. Some of the reasons for converting PowerPoint to PDF include so that the PowerPoint format does not change when the file is opened on another computer, or so that the data is not used by others.

Maybe you have experienced, the powerpoint file that we have made interestingly on our computer then reopened on another computer. So the results are not as good as when opened on the computer initially.

There are things that change, but most often the letters change shape, the size gets bigger or smaller, until the layout is messy.

This kind of how to save ppt as pdf on mac problem occurs because the font on the other computer does not have the font type that we use in PowerPoint (the font has not been installed). So, the fonts in the PowerPoint that we have made interesting will be messy.

Apart from changing layouts and messy fonts, another reason someone converts PowerPoint to pdf is to avoid plagiarism. The point is that the data in PowerPoint is not used by other people for certain purposes.

This powerpoint file is usually called the “master file” or the raw file, which is easy to copy and edit. Meanwhile, by saving in pdf form, the file will be difficult to copy and edit. In addition, there are several pdf features that can protect the contents of the file, so that it cannot be used by others. To make it easier for friends to convert or save PowerPoint to PDF, here I show a brief explanation.



Zamzar is another option for you to convert PDF to PPT on Mac without downloading any software. It is an all-in-one online converter with various features, including conversion of images, videos, documents, music and e-books. When you want to export a PDF file, you can select it to save your PDF to PPT/PPTX. Furthermore, you can have an email notification when the conversion is complete. Zamzar also has no requirements for registration, but only provides two conversions per day for free users.

Step 1. Open Zamzar and get ready to upload your PDF file.

Step 2. Add files by dragging and dropping to a specific area or searching for files on your mac.

Step 3. Select the output format as ppt/pptx.

Step 4. If you need email notification, please tick Email when done? and then click Convert Now.

Step 5. Finally, when the conversion is complete, don’t forget to download it to your Mac.


A few moments later, the resulting PDF file from this powerpoint will automatically open in pdf software on your computer. Be it in the form of adobe reader, foxit reader, and so on.

Good luck.

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