How to Reach New Aaudiences & Build a Community

Your journey as a creator is off to a good start! Whether you’re keen to attract new viewers, or looking to strengthen the relationship with your existing audience, here are 3 tips to take your channel to the next level.


Expand your reach with captions & collaborations
Gain access to new audiences by collaborating with creators who have different yet complementary interests – it’s rewarding for you both! Add captions to make your videos more accessible for viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing or prefer watching without audio.

Engage your audience between uploads
Keep the conversation going! Make your viewers feel heard and valued by responding to their comments. You can also show that you appreciate their support by leaving a heart or pinning comments.

Experiment with content formats to keep viewers hooked
Create content that viewers can binge on with Shorts, use live streaming for real time interaction, and build hype for upcoming videos with Premieres.

There are tons of ways to engage with your audience and build a lasting relationship so they keep coming back for more. Have fun discovering what works best for you and your channel!

Building your community

Learn the basics of how to grow your YouTube channel, create exciting content that inspires interaction and manage the conversation.

So many creative options!
There’s more than one way to bring your videos to life. YouTube gives you the space to create, using everything from VR to live streaming, so that you can let your viewers into your world in new and exciting ways.

*Subject to terms and conditions, which may be different based on region. Eligibility requirements and territory restrictions apply.

Watch a video about Stories
Stories are short mobile videos that expire after seven days. They make it easy to interact with your fans, and are a great way for creators to keep the conversation going between videos.

How to interact with your audience
Interacting with fans of your channel is a big part of what it means to be a creator. So go ahead – spark big ideas, dream up new ways to create, and keep the conversation going between uploads. We have tools that can help with community engagement and more.

Finding new viewers and fans
YouTube has plenty of ways to help you attract new viewers. Learn some simple but strategic tips for helping people find your channel, from how you word your captions to who you collaborate with.

Keep building your channel
From tools and tips to best practices and features that let you see what’s resonating and why, we’ll help you use information to unlock inspiration for how to keep on growing your channel.

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