How to make a poster in powerpoint

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It is an easy way making a poster in PowerPoint. Of course, you already knows the main function of PowerPoint, which is to make various types of presentations such as group assignment presentations, business presentations, and so on. However, if its function is optimized, PowerPoint can actually be used for many things, not just making presentations.

The good news, slides / presentations in PowerPoint can be saved in various other file types. One of them is saved in image format. That way you can actually make a poster using PowerPoint.

Making posters with PowerPoint can make it easier for you guys who want to make posters, but can’t use graphic design software yet. Learn how to make your work easier, for example, whenever you need a design, just open the software and do it yourself.


Easy Steps to Make Posters With PowerPoint

With PowerPoint, many types of posters can be created. Such as activity posters, donation posters, announcement posters or even creating Instagram feed templates. In accordance with the creativity of each.

How to make a poster with PowerPoint?


Open PowerPoint software

Determine the poster size through the “slide size”


Poster design through existing slides

When you’re done, save the PPT

To save the image click File -> Save As


Save the file in .JPG or .PNG format in the desired folder

This time I will give an example of how to make a poster with a ratio of 1:1 aka square. This size is suitable for Instagram feeds and other social media. The first step is to open PowerPoint and then select a slide size.

How to Make a Poster With PowerPoint


Select the size of the slide according to the size of the slide to be created. For example, I chose a custom size with a width and length of 15 cm x 15 cm. This will later be an image with a resolution of approximately 567 x 567 pixels. If you need a larger resolution, just enter more numbers. For example, a size of 30 x 30 cm will result in a poster with larger pixels.

After determining the size, then you just need to be creative with all the menus in PowerPoint. Sorry, in this tutorial the example is very simple hehe. After it is enough, then save the PPT first so you don’t lose the main file. Just press Ctrl + S.

Next, if you want to save the slide as an image, just click File -> Save As. Name the file and specify the folder where the poster will be saved. Next in the file type column, look for JPG or PNG format so that the slide is saved as an image.

The Which slides do you want to export? menu will appear. All slides means all slides will be saved as images. Just This One means that only the slide that you are currently editing will be saved as an image. Adjust needs.

To make a good poster, you just need to create according to your creativity and also the needs of each friend. Good luck!

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