How to insert excel in ppt

In today’s tutorial, we learned how to insert Excel file data directly into PowerPoint. This is a quick workflow to follow in pasting an Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint. We reviewed the various options you can work with, from pasting tables with existing styles, to entering data as text, or placing them as images.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet-based spreadsheet application created by the well-known company Microsoft Corporation that can run on Android, Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Microsoft Excel is a data processing application that can automatically take the form of basic calculations, formulas, use of functions, data processing and tables, graphing, data management creation, and others.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is widely used to present work, because Ms. PowerPoint is the easiest presentation application and is usually installed when you buy a new laptop, because the operating system that is often used by almost 100% of laptops is windows where windows was created by Microsoft, so Microsoft itself added Ms. Office as a work application for its users.

Due to the connectivity between the two applications, one of the projects from application A can be linked or embedded into application B, for example, such as inserting an Ms. Excel to Ms. Powerpoint and display it clearly and great we can also change it directly from Ms. The powerpoint, the following tutorial.

  1. Steps: 1. Make sure that you have a ready-to-use Excel file/worksheet.
  2. Then you open the Ms. PowerPoint and create a new worksheet or you can also use the worksheets that you have created previously.
  3. Then on the insert tab click the object button (as shown below).


  1. Then click on the create from file option and click the browse button.
  2. Select the file/worksheet Ms. Excel and click ok.
  3. And put a check mark on the link and click the OK button.
  4. Wait for the data processing process and automatically display the Ms. worksheet. Your Excel will appear on the Ms. your PowerPoint.
  5. That’s how to insert an Excel file into Powerpoint. May be useful.

There are several ways to insert Microsoft Excel data into a PowerPoint presentation. This is what must be done. All Microsoft Office software allows you to combine content from other Office applications. If, for example, you have a data-intensive PowerPoint presentation, you may want to back it up with further data from Microsoft Excel.

The powerful copy and paste tools Microsoft offers in its Office suite let you copy and paste Excel data into PowerPoint directly. This data can be formatted in different ways. You can format it into a table, paste it as an image, or remove all formatting and place the data into a text box.

This is entirely possible, and there are several ways to do it. You can insert an entire Excel spreadsheet, similar to how you insert a PDF into PowerPoint. You can also paste parts of a spreadsheet into a PowerPoint slide using your clipboard.

Here’s how to enter Excel data into Powerpoint using one of these methods. These instructions should work for all recent versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 365 and Online.


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