Cyber Security in Scada Systems: Tightening Whole System to Achieve Maximum Protection

Cyber Security in Scada Systems is the main challenging in the cyber era at least in the last decade. There are many resources reported that in 2014 the cyber-attacks increased rapidly by 48%, which half of them suffered on industrial control systems. That big percentage in truth is nothing as none of studies conducted back to 20 years to report any possibility to the similar attacks on operational technologies. This condition ascertains most of us missing the crucial information on how attackers interact with industrial control systems.

Nowadays, in the more complicated cyber world of industrial control systems in which SCADA systems take roles – along with the growing number of hackers, the chance of increasing attacks need to be considered seriously by Cyber Security in Scada Systems.

Cyber Security in Scada Systems is urgently needed, the hacking activity has been commonly associated with causing physical damage

Many cases in Cyber Security in Scada Systems, the hacking activity has been commonly associated with causing physical damage. Due to numerous aspects, sometime cyber attacks found in industrial control systems are less predictable collated to office network attacks  which many business know what to do when attacks suffers to their office network. In most of cases the use firewalls known as one solution that offer a degree of protection, but the survey found that almost 70% of firewalls still have the weaknesses from the outside attack – by permitting the machine outside the network perimeter to manage and access the firewall in the Cyber Security in Scada Systems.

Serious impacts from the Cyber Security in Scada Systems incidents may lead to the loss of revenue, accidental contamination, late delivery charges, and damage to brand integrity as worst as significant downtime.

Unfortunately, the Cyber Security in Scada Systems incidents might come from inside an organization or caused by external factors. This is why the layered and multidimensional security is necessary. Toward managing the best protection for the industrial controls systems, the first step should be taken is by understanding the real risk-impacts. The step can be done firstly is important to rethink the approach to the security. It is important because not little sum of manufacturers ends to the misconception toward managing security system.

What’s to do for better Cyber Security in Scada Systems?

The first step should be on improving cyber security in SCADA systems particularly and the whole of industrial controls systems; manufacturer should decide the best approach according to the field condition. They have to rethink kind of a holistic cyber security system that incorporates multilayer and multidimensional methods. Therefore, it is impossible to take one single action to have maximum degree of protection.

Educating about Cyber Security in Scada Systems for the member of organization about any possibility of the harmful treat is necessary. Training is the key to make them aware of the risks that come with using the device within the organization. Building the culture of conscious behavior reporting is also good idea.

Next, manufacturer should avoid the conception of lying in one piece of software or technology on increasing the Cyber Security in Scada Systems. They have planning for some continual improvement. In last, focusing on defensive action is better than treating of after the damage and recurring.


Cyber Security in Scada Systems is one of the fast improvements of cyber-attack preventing system. It is now becomes crucial matter for industrial controls systems. It means there is no more conception that hackers cannot penetrate the SCADA systems. Building hoslistic defensive strategies by planning the multilayer and multidimensional security system is more than a requirement.

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