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SEO Keywords Sample


Finding the right keywords to draw high quality customer traffic to your website is a cornerstone of building a successful business online. Even the best, most attractive and functional business websites do little good if customers are not visiting them. Developing a marketing strategy built around SEO keywords to draw potential customers in and build a steady stream of traffic should be the goal of every online business owner.

It all starts with research, finding out which SEO keywords and key phrases work the best in attracting the type of customer that is most interested in your product or service. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple system you can use to help you find the right types of keywords and key phrases to use.

Start by going to a popular search engine such as Google or Bing and type in a query about the product or service you want to promote. In this example, let’s use a fictional product known as “widgets”. Obviously, you should do more than just type in the SEO keyword “widgets”. You should type in your query as if you were really interested in either purchasing the product or finding out more information. So a query such as “What are Widgets?” or “I want to buy Widgets” will generate results more in line with people who are actively seeking the product.

After typing in the SEO keywords, you’ll want to count the number of search page results. They can vary from a few to hundreds depending on the popularity of the product or service. The second step is to see just how many entries have the SEO keywords or key phrases are in the body of the pages. For example, if you get twenty results per page, you might see five or six with “what are widgets” located in the text or title of the entries.

Now you’ll want to take the top ten or highest ranking ten URLs from the search result page to do some more analysis. This is important because the highest ranking means that they are the most seen by those searching for the product or service. Next, count the number of links for each of the pages you selected, there may be a few or quite a few. Once you’ve tallied them up, the next step is using a couple of web based tools.

The Alexa Traffic Rank will show how popular each of the top 10 pages you cited in the queries. The Google Traffic Estimator will show important information such as the number of clicks per day, the cost per day, and the average price for using the same SEO keywords or key phrases if you use Google AdWords.

Finally, use the Google PageRank on each of the pages and see just how they rank and how popular they are. Plus, perhaps you can find a better deal and get more value for your money by choosing less expensive, but still effective SEO keywords or key phrases.

Programs such as Marketing Samurai or WebCEO can be of help in creating an effective marketing strategy based on using the best SEO keywords or key phrases. But finding the right SEO keywords can make the biggest difference in generating the right traffic flow for your online business.


NewApeelPetite Microdermabrasion System

The Need

Skin Conditions are becoming more and more common among individuals in constant contact with the sun and exposed to dust on a daily basis. This sometimes leaves the skin dry, rough, damaged and looking dull.

There previously have been multiple solutions to such skin problems in the form of ointments and medicated creams that take too much time and are often ineffective in their results. There is also a more extreme solution available to the recurrence of skin problems, which is plastic surgery; the drawback of which lies in the uncertainty of the outcome.

However, (company name) have come up with an easy, cost- efficient and effective way to treat all kinds of skin problems with the guarantee of an approved result.

The Product


The NewApeel Petite Microdermabrasion System, is an innovative system that is safe, non-invasive and a completely therapeutic approach to achieving a smoother, more youthful skin.

 After a lot of research, (company name) have been able to develop a procedure using the NewApeel System to gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, which is susceptible to dirt and other impurities, to give way to a more healthier looking skin.

The NewApeel petite System is very efficient because it uses the patented DiamondTome wand, which allows for a thorough vacuuming of the dead skin cells away, in a controlled and consistent method. This allows for a smoother skin texture and encourages the growth of new, healthy skin.

Unlike the crystal microdermabrasion systems, there is no presence of cluttered      crystals on the face to be cleaned and no threat of breathing in toxic chemicals, which makes this procedure really safe and convenient to be carried out.

Reading a term like Microdermabrasion may be a little confusing at first, however, our team of specialists have worked diligently in the field of dermatology and come up with a precise term that encapsulate all the advantages that this system has to offer.



  • Makes fine lines and wrinkles soft
  • Smoothens roughly textured skin.
  • Lessens the appearance of acne and acne scars.
  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Improves dull or stressed skin.
  • Tightens the pores.
  • Burned or sun-damaged skin is repaired.
  • Skin complexions is improved.


The most important thing to remember is that the treated skin should NOTbe exposed to direct sunlight and you are advised to wear a low tone of sun tan cream even on days with no chances of sunlight.


This special procedure is carried out in a professional environment. The outer layer when removed, brings out a much smoother and healthier skin, which leads to the growth of new skin as well. This treatment, under the care of specialists can be performed on the face as well as the body. The method can be implemented alone or used in a combination with other treatments such as hydration. To achieve maximum results, 6-8 treatments are recommended and thereafter, once a month for maintenance.

The results can be expected in the form of these:

  • Makes you look younger:

The NewApeel Petite system peels of the older dead skin and brings out the healthier and smoother skin, with the elimination of wrinkles and congested skin. This system can make your skin glow, by spraying non-damaging crystals to give you a lighter affect.

  • Removes seasonal scars:

You may be prone to getting acne or eczema in a particular season. The NewApeel Petite system can remove acne scars and make your skin look as smooth as before. The crystals peel of the skin where the scars are and brings about new healthier skin.

  • Carried out in a controlled environment:

Trained skin care professionals are in charge of carrying out the procedure on the skin of the face or on parts of the body. All you have to do is visit the clinic on a regular basis for successful results. This procedure is fairly easy and does not hurt. However, the professionals let you know beforehand, if the area is sensitive or the intensity is high.

  • Affordable:

The NewApeel Petite system is affordable for everyone. The rates are kept in accordance and understanding of the needs and the prevailing skin problem being faced by people from all over the world.You can simply buy this system off the internet or go into one of the official outlets to buy it. This system is guaranteed to make your life easier in many ways.

  • Tightens the pores:

The pores are tightened, which prevents facial hair from growing where not needed. The patented DiamondTome™ wand is used to carry out these processes that ensure no side-effects, on the face as well as the body.

  • Not a messy procedure:

Usually the crystal microdermabrasion procedures are very messy. The crystals can spread on other places as well. However, the NewApeel Petite system has solved this problem. Our procedure is crystal free and makes this procedure relatively not messy at all.

  • Can be carried out at home:

This process can be carried out at home as well. The system is user friendly and very easy to use. You just have to purchase a NewApeel Petite System, read the instructions carefully to familiarize yourself with the procedure. Under the care of an experienced professional carry out the procedure according to your own specifications, with a variation in the wand according to your skin type. The options include a fine wand, medium, coarse and extra coarse for optimum results.


About us:

Founded in (year), Jewelry Queenesis Australia’s leading and most established jewelry store, with a passionate team and decent reputation in bringing the most exquisite and latest range of products by unparalleled level of service. From unique designer jewelry to custom handcrafted pieces– we are home to attractive and beautiful collections that you will love to purchase.

Hassle Free Experience:

Jewelry Queenesis among the only few jewelry business that equally caters to the wide customer base through digital and online medium. Committed to its customers, Jewelry Queenesensures to give an entirely hassle free experience, including mobile app interface, easy to browse website and a very fast delivery network.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the largest affiliate jewelry business, great to buy from, great to work for and great to do business with. Our reputation is the one thing that we hold the highest value of, so in return we do our best to satisfy all of our customers. We have dedicated ourselves to making sure that everyone enjoys shopping at Jewelry Queenes. We take pride in working hardly and passionately to exceed your desires every time you shop with us.

A Name that you can TRUST…!

We have been in the industry since from long and grown as a leading business that people trust. We have maintained honest and an ethical way of business throughout the years and have no plans at all to have that change. We are proud of our reputation, customer service and excellence that we have earned throughout our company’s life span. We have been very pleased to see our business steadily grow in ways that we never thought possible.

For more Information, Get in touch with us today…

You are our valued customer and we will do everything within our reach to surpass your expectations. If you have any question, please don’t feel hesitate to contact us anytime – we will respond to all your queries as soon as possible. We are a name that you can trust to keep your best interest at heart.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about us…


Malta Citizenship through Investment

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program happens to be the first EU approved citizenship program.  The Republic of Malta is a place with a stable political climate and a bi-partisan political scene that is mostly convergent on issues of national and economic importance.   Malta has patiently gone througha financial crises and now shares the limelight with Germany, as the only two states maintaining an economic growth well in the Euro Zone. Malta’s banks have been able to reach the ranks amongst the top 5 soundest banks in the world.

Malta has been a proud member of the European Union since 2004 and is now a part of Schengen since 2007. Obtained under this program, Malta grants the rights of full citizenship for life to the individual and can be passed on to the future generations by descent.  The Maltese citizenship grants access to all investment opportunities in Malta and throughout the European Union open to Maltese and European Union citizens.


  • Efficient process:

It is a relatively easy and convenient process. The citizenship is approved after just 4 months of processing time. There arefast track residence cards available within 1-3 weeks, with the inclusion of Schengen mobility for 18 months and a total of 12 months to passport issue (inclusive of processing time) from date of initial residency.

  • Mobility:

There is a visa free travel to over 166 countries, including EU, USA and Canada. A freely given right to live, work, study in any of the 28 EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Malta is a neutral, safe and stable country with a friendly people living a European lifestyle but with a Mediterranean quality of life. This all sounds very interesting however the eligibility requirements need to be met before continuing with the procedure.

The current restrictions in place at the time are related to individuals that are nationals of the following countries, or have significant ties to:

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)


To qualify under the regulations provided, a Main Applicant for Malta Citizenship by Investment must be at least18 years of age and must meet the requirements outlined in this factsheet which includes passing the “Fit and Proper test”, is of good health and has a significant contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.

Applicants are also required to purchase or rent property with respect to certain amounts and have an investment in the form of Bonds or Shares.


On the acquisition of an address in Malta, the individual must file an application for a residence permit in person. Within the 4 months of the date of approval, the applicant must provide evidence of the investment requirement being fulfilled with a valid health insurance policy that covers all people on the application.

After all relevant requirements have been made, the certificate of naturalization will be issued 12 months after the date on the residence permit.

Good Luck!


ETX Capital Review

ETX Capital is a trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority- a member of the London Stock Exchange. Established in 1965, it caters to over 50,000 diverse financial traders: ranging from the newly inexperienced birdies entering the stock market to the oldest of players in this market. It is an online trading platform, promising ease of access as it offers trading not only through its website but easy to use phone apps too.

Becoming a part of the ETX family

This requires formation of an official account on the ETX website. You have the option of starting with a demo account, which is convenient because you can actually see the workings of the trading company in real-time before becoming an official member. The appearance of the website is extremely user-friendly, which shortcuts to the most frequently visited links on either side of the page. ETX gives you the option of customizing the page to suit your liking and ease- displaying the information that you require right in front of you.

The eager-to-help support team of ETX guides you through each and every step, available on call from 7am-9pm and 24/7 on email. Any queries can be conveniently searched on the site’s FAQ page, which most likely will show you the answer to your questions. If not, the customer care team is right at your service.

What makes ETX stand out from the rest of its competitors is its no commission policy.

Forex Trading

ETX provides you with the option to speculate the relative values of currencies. Forex trading involves the simultaneous buying and selling of currencies with the aim of making a profit.

ETX Capital Binary Options

The working of binary trade options is pretty simple: a trader speculates between two possible outcomes of an asset’s value. At the end of the trading period, if the value of the asset is close to the trader’s speculation, then he earns a fixed amount of return. However, if the value moves against the trader’s provided value then he sees a loss of 100%. The traders do have an option of exiting before the closing trade period- but with a much-reduced amount of profit or loss.

The ETX Binary Options give traders access to a wide variety of binary products such as Stocks, Indices, Forex Pairs and Commodities including:

  1. High/Low Binary Trading
  2. One Touch Options
  • Short and Long Term Binary Options

ETX Capital Spreads

Spread betting is a means by which traders speculate on a wide range of financial markets. Because they never own any of the assets under speculation, Spread betting is described as a derivate-based product which allows for trading on vast varieties of markets including forex, shares, indices, commodities and bonds.

A quick inside about Spread betting is that it is tax-free. Unlike other forms of trading in the UK like buying shares of trading CFDs, any profits gained by spread betting are exempted from taxes. However, the concern lies in the fact that losses incurred due to spread betting cannot be used to offset an individual’s tax liabilities.

CFD Trading

A contract for difference (CFD) enables traders to speculate the future value of a wide range of financial assets. What differentiates this from Spread betting is mainly the provision of tax on profits, but more importantly the ability to offset losses against tax liabilities.

The Final Word

The ETX Capital is a sound trading institution that caters to the interests of its users just like any professional-grade trading platform should. Its highly efficient customer safety programs including risk management features such as guaranteed stop loss and limit orders, price alerts and trailing shops aid the traders throughout their trading journeys.

All in all, ETX appears to be a great choice for all your trading needs!


Welcome to Narrative Flood – All-in-one resource for racing rivals cheats

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Let’s be honest, when it comes to mobile racing games, no other game can beat the fun and excitement of racing rivals. It is probably one of the best game in its domain. However, the game in-app purchases can make it pretty expensive and challenging experience to enjoy, which is why we have designed this platform to help beginners or pro-gamers to find and avail the racing rivals hacks and cheats for free.

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How our racing rivals hack tool works?

Our racing rivals hack tool is very simple, user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to fill-out the detailed forms to sign up neither you have to download any new app or program. To get started, you just need to provide a few details.

  • Select your device on which you have installed the game.
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Cash for Broken Gold Jewelry

Are you in need of a little more money to help pay the bills this month? Perhaps you are looking to pay for an item that is just out of your budget? Maybe you just want to clean out the closet and sell a few items?

If that is the case, then you can get cash for broken gold jewelry. Gold is in high demand these days and your gold jewelry, even if it is broken or in poor shape can be sold for a considerable amount of money. If you need a few extra dollars this month, you should consider the advantages of getting cash for broken gold jewelry.

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV, “Sell your Gold Jewelry for Cash”. They’ve been popping up on TV screens and the internet for the past couple of years. The main reason why is that during struggling economic times, especially when the US dollar has devalued, the demand for gold rises considerable. Gold has an intrinsic value that investors can rely upon during troubled times. This means that your old gold jewelry that you no longer wear because it is broken has real value as well.

Because gold is malleable, meaning that it retains its properties even when it changes shape, there are places where you can sell gold jewelry for the value of the gold itself since the condition of the jewelry does not matter. When you consider selling your broken gold jewelry, you do need to do a bit of research first in order to get the best deal possible.

The first step you need to take is finding out the gold content of your jewelry, which is determined by the karat value. While pure gold is 24 karat, most gold jewelry falls around 10 to 22 karat. This is because 24 karat gold is a little too soft and must have added metals to make it strong and durable enough for jewelry. Usually, you can find the karat amount on the jewelry itself such as the inside of rings, the clip of a necklace or back of an earring. Some gold jewelry is marked by 3 digits, such as 750 means 18 karat or 585 is 14 karat and so forth.

Once you know the karat amount of your gold jewelry, you can then choose a jeweler or a gold refiner or scrap dealer to make your sale. For broken jewelry, you may wind up more often than not with a refiner or scrap dealer unless fixing the jewelry is simple and the piece is old or very well crafted. Generally speaking, if your gold jewelry is above 14 karats, in reasonable shape and is antique or very well crafted a jeweler is the first place you should choose.

However, if your jewelry is below 14 karats or cannot be fixed, then a scrap dealer or refiner is the best choice as they can salvage the gold itself. This means that the condition of your jewelry is not important, only the content of the gold. In any case, you want to have your gold jewelry appraised first to see where you can get the most amount of money. This way you can get the most cash for broken gold jewelry that you can.

The Benefits of Using RFID technology in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods and services including the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. This is a complex and knowledge intensive process that elaborates on the benefits of using rfid technology in supply chain management to be a supply chain management professional.

There are many benefits of using rfid technology that applied in several industries such as manufacturing process, warehouse management, tracking and managing of shipping containers and distribution processes. Detail benefits you can check as below:

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in Manufacturing Process

One of the most popular manufacturing process occured on fast moving consumer goods company. This process start from the stages of production, washing, and packing. Automatically process was needed in this process.  One example is utilizing RFID tags and readers. By using this RFID technology, products can be counted in seconds because RFID tags can be automatically scanned without being in the line-of-sight of an RFID scanner and multiple tags can be scanned simultaneously

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in Manufacturing Process consist of several advantages such as less manual work, less costs, improved visibility, improved planning.

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT

Warehouse process start from pack the products into cartons, and deliver the cartons to the warehouse of the freight forwarder or the buying company. And finally the cargo reaches its destination, but it is not uncommon that it ends up in a warehouse first. In this case we need automatic process using RFID technology.

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in warehouse management consist of several advantages such as visibility of accurate real-time information, fast locating of products, possibility to record losses, ability to plan product locations strategically.


Shipping containers is the most popular transportation of good from manufacturer to consumer because it is safe and secured transportation, low costs, standard packaging and high transport density. In this process we need controller of manufacturing process tracking and managing of shipping containers are able to track containers in each link of the supply chain using Ultra-high frequency RFID technology has long identification distance.

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in container management and tracking consist of several advantages such as: offers visibility of real-time cargo movement, improves efficiency, increase accuracy.

The Benefits of using RFID Technology in DISTRIBUTION PROCESSES

In this distribution processes we need system to make more accurate efficient and catch up date line. Usage of RFID will greatly accelerate the speed of delivery management, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy in selection. The Benefits of using RFID Technology in distribution process consist of several advantages such as accelerates the speed of delivery, improves efficiency, increases accuracy, reduces distribution costs


The Benefits of using RFID Technology has been enjoyed by the company over the last few years, more and more companies are integrating RFID technology into their strategic planning, since it provides significant advantages to supply chain performance. Several application in all process industries mention above are nevertheless already the most common benefits prove that RFID is worth the investment. So, do not hesitate to use this advance technology for your industry.


Cyber Security in Scada Systems: Tightening Whole System to Achieve Maximum Protection

Cyber Security in Scada Systems is the main challenging in the cyber era at least in the last decade. There are many resources reported that in 2014 the cyber-attacks increased rapidly by 48%, which half of them suffered on industrial control systems. That big percentage in truth is nothing as none of studies conducted back to 20 years to report any possibility to the similar attacks on operational technologies. This condition ascertains most of us missing the crucial information on how attackers interact with industrial control systems.

Nowadays, in the more complicated cyber world of industrial control systems in which SCADA systems take roles – along with the growing number of hackers, the chance of increasing attacks need to be considered seriously by Cyber Security in Scada Systems.

Cyber Security in Scada Systems is urgently needed, the hacking activity has been commonly associated with causing physical damage

Many cases in Cyber Security in Scada Systems, the hacking activity has been commonly associated with causing physical damage. Due to numerous aspects, sometime cyber attacks found in industrial control systems are less predictable collated to office network attacks  which many business know what to do when attacks suffers to their office network. In most of cases the use firewalls known as one solution that offer a degree of protection, but the survey found that almost 70% of firewalls still have the weaknesses from the outside attack – by permitting the machine outside the network perimeter to manage and access the firewall in the Cyber Security in Scada Systems.

Serious impacts from the Cyber Security in Scada Systems incidents may lead to the loss of revenue, accidental contamination, late delivery charges, and damage to brand integrity as worst as significant downtime.

Unfortunately, the Cyber Security in Scada Systems incidents might come from inside an organization or caused by external factors. This is why the layered and multidimensional security is necessary. Toward managing the best protection for the industrial controls systems, the first step should be taken is by understanding the real risk-impacts. The step can be done firstly is important to rethink the approach to the security. It is important because not little sum of manufacturers ends to the misconception toward managing security system.

What’s to do for better Cyber Security in Scada Systems?

The first step should be on improving cyber security in SCADA systems particularly and the whole of industrial controls systems; manufacturer should decide the best approach according to the field condition. They have to rethink kind of a holistic cyber security system that incorporates multilayer and multidimensional methods. Therefore, it is impossible to take one single action to have maximum degree of protection.

Educating about Cyber Security in Scada Systems for the member of organization about any possibility of the harmful treat is necessary. Training is the key to make them aware of the risks that come with using the device within the organization. Building the culture of conscious behavior reporting is also good idea.

Next, manufacturer should avoid the conception of lying in one piece of software or technology on increasing the Cyber Security in Scada Systems. They have planning for some continual improvement. In last, focusing on defensive action is better than treating of after the damage and recurring.


Cyber Security in Scada Systems is one of the fast improvements of cyber-attack preventing system. It is now becomes crucial matter for industrial controls systems. It means there is no more conception that hackers cannot penetrate the SCADA systems. Building hoslistic defensive strategies by planning the multilayer and multidimensional security system is more than a requirement.

Understand more about Various Types of PLC Input/output Modules to match with manufacturing system structure

PLC IO Modules is part of Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that up to this time become a substantial system in the scope of industrial manufacturing. PLC is the digitally operating electronic equipment, which uses a programmable memory for the internal storage of instructions by executing specific functions just like logic, sequencing, timing, counting, and arithmetic to control via digital or analog I/O modules various types of machine or process.

PLC IO Modules has function to receive (input) and send out (output) many types of electrical and electronic signals. Therefore, a PLC has high flexibility in interfacing with computers, machines and many other peripheral systems or devices.

When we talking about input/output module, there are various types of PLC IO Modules can be implemented to a PLC including discrete input/output, analog input/output, specialty I/O modules and communication modules. Users can select the proper type to match their manufacturing system structure.

Discrete PLC IO Modules versus Analog Inputs

Discrete PLC IO Modules signals are two-state signals including Input ON or OFF, 1 or 0. Analog input signals are values as follow:

  • 0 to 10 volts DC
  • -10 to +10 volts DC
  • 4 to 20 milliamps
  • 0 to 20 milliamps
  • -20 to +20 milliamps

Typical analog signals come from pressure, position, temperature and motor speed. Analog input signals are current or voltage. The analog input modules also convert analog signals to PLC IO Modules digital words.

Example SLC 500 Combination PLC IO Modules

PLC IO Modules Allen-Bradley’s SLC 500 is the compact controller for wide array of big applications from food processing to steel fabrication. This handy tool already used by million users around the globe as its versatility and powerful stand-alone or distributed industrial control assignments.

The PLC IO Modules features:

  • Identifier as to type of module input, output and combination input or output.
  • Screw terminals for connecting field devices. Each screw terminal will have a unique identifier that calls an address. Each field device input screw terminal correlated to a status indicator.
  • Status indicators. Status indicator will be on when the input point detects an input signal. Status indicator will have same address identifier as input screw terminal.
  • Removable terminal blocks.

PLC IO Modules Binary Data Representation

Using Allen-Bradley SLC 500 controller, the PLC IO Modules can communicate to others using groups of letters arranged into words. The PLC uses groups of bits (1 or 0) called words. The different bit patterns show different information. SLC 500 series of PLCs are the 16-bit computers, which it also indicates the great measurement on computer capability because of the length of the data words on which it can operate.


There are various types of PLC IO Modules can be integrated into the PLC system. The example above shows us PLC IO Modules analog type and discrete model can be applied with Allen-Bradley SLC 500 controller. The mechanism provides versatility and easy to read information inputted and outputted by the modules. SLC 500 is the 16-bit computer that can communicate to other using bit patterns to show different information.