Are you in need of a little more money to help pay the bills this month? Perhaps you are looking to pay for an item that is just out of your budget? Maybe you just want to clean out the closet and sell a few items?

If that is the case, then you can get cash for broken gold jewelry. Gold is in high demand these days and your gold jewelry, even if it is broken or in poor shape can be sold for a considerable amount of money. If you need a few extra dollars this month, you should consider the advantages of getting cash for broken gold jewelry.

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV, “Sell your Gold Jewelry for Cash”. They’ve been popping up on TV screens and the internet for the past couple of years. The main reason why is that during struggling economic times, especially when the US dollar has devalued, the demand for gold rises considerable. Gold has an intrinsic value that investors can rely upon during troubled times. This means that your old gold jewelry that you no longer wear because it is broken has real value as well.

Because gold is malleable, meaning that it retains its properties even when it changes shape, there are places where you can sell gold jewelry for the value of the gold itself since the condition of the jewelry does not matter. When you consider selling your broken gold jewelry, you do need to do a bit of research first in order to get the best deal possible.

The first step you need to take is finding out the gold content of your jewelry, which is determined by the karat value. While pure gold is 24 karat, most gold jewelry falls around 10 to 22 karat. This is because 24 karat gold is a little too soft and must have added metals to make it strong and durable enough for jewelry. Usually, you can find the karat amount on the jewelry itself such as the inside of rings, the clip of a necklace or back of an earring. Some gold jewelry is marked by 3 digits, such as 750 means 18 karat or 585 is 14 karat and so forth.

Once you know the karat amount of your gold jewelry, you can then choose a jeweler or a gold refiner or scrap dealer to make your sale. For broken jewelry, you may wind up more often than not with a refiner or scrap dealer unless fixing the jewelry is simple and the piece is old or very well crafted. Generally speaking, if your gold jewelry is above 14 karats, in reasonable shape and is antique or very well crafted a jeweler is the first place you should choose.

However, if your jewelry is below 14 karats or cannot be fixed, then a scrap dealer or refiner is the best choice as they can salvage the gold itself. This means that the condition of your jewelry is not important, only the content of the gold. In any case, you want to have your gold jewelry appraised first to see where you can get the most amount of money. This way you can get the most cash for broken gold jewelry that you can.

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