A Memorable Experience at Puncak Rinjani with Ali Trekking

To reach the top of Mount Rinjani, we can choose 3 official climbing routes, namely;
1. Rinjani climbing route via Senaru
2. Torean hiking trail
3. And the climbing route Rinjani via Sembalun
Together with Ali Trekking, our family tour guide, suggested taking the hiking trail through Sembalun.
It can be said, Sembalun is the most popular Rikani mountain climbing trail for novice climbers. Because, this one path is quite friendly, not extreme and has a very entertaining natural scenery along the way to the top of the mountain, like in the film Science Fiction. The path itself is dominated by savanna vegetation.
The beauty of the summit of Mount Rinjani (3,726 masl) can treat fatigue when struggling with climbing tracks along the way. Likewise with the beauty of the Anjani peak, radiant cloud waves, the stretch of Lombok island, views of several other mountains, including Mount Agung in Bali, Raung in Banyuwangi and Tambora on Sumbawa, or the blue sea is a remedy for your fatigue. The guide from Ali Trekking is very knowledgeable about this tourist area including its interesting spots and history that will make our tour at the top of Rinjani so impressive.

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